About the book

About the book

Forget Russia is about three generations of Russian-American Jews journeying back and forth, throughout the twentieth century, between America and Russia, searching for some kind of home and, of course, finding something altogether different. It is a tale of love, murder, abandonment, and betrayal. In 1980, Anna, an American college student journeys to the Soviet Union to confront her family’s past. As Anna dodges date rapists, KGB agents, and smooth-talking marketeers while navigating an alien culture for the first time, she must come to terms with the aspects of the past that haunt her own life. With its insight into the everyday rhythms of an almost forgotten way of life behind Brezhnev’s Soviet Union, Forget Russia is a disquieting multi-generational epic about coming of age, forgotten history, and the loss of innocence in all of its forms.

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One by one, Anna will lift the tops from the Russian dolls starting from the original tragedy-the murder of her great-grandmother Zlata during a pogrom-to shed light on the destiny of three generations of women … In this dazzling choral novel, woven together over almost eighty years, the great grand-daughter triumphs in the challenge to reunite her family forever, calming their hearts beyond the centuries.
– Maia Brami, author of “All Yours”
Deep, moving and elegantly written, the book is a beautiful tribute to the interwovenness of human lives across time, space, generations. Lisa Bordetsky-williams skillfully lifts the veil omn life in the Soviet Union while remaining true to its secrets and mysteries. Its poetic prose and the delicate yet powerful storyline make it a page-turner that will, no doubt, leave no reader untouched.
– Maarja Kadajane, co-founder of the Constructive Journalism Institute

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